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Our Philosophy

Riccini's corporate philosophy focuses on the concepts of customer satisfaction and respect for fundamental ethical values.
Our customer satisfaction concept covers aspects that are exclusively linked to the quality of our products and their competitiveness on the market as well as those relating to the quality of service that we offer and to sharing common ethical values.
The achievement of a goal so ambitious cannot be set aside to a well-planned and detailed quality policy; for this reason, Riccini, in line with its certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality system, over the decades, has prepared and consistently implemented the tools best suited to achieving and maintaining high standards.
Production processes, as well as decision-making, control and training processes, are constantly monitored

and subject to revisions, both during the Inspections phases carried out by Control Bodies and through internal inspections.
The pillars on which the entire corporate system is laid are known as corporate culture, respect of the customer’s demands and of the procedures set out in the contract phase, painstaking and constant training of staff, motivation, verifying the adequacy of safety measures in compliance with current regulations, monitoring of incoming raw materials and processing cycle. Even the finished products are subjected to strict tests before being placed on the market; in some cases, albeit in the absence of reference standards, particularly convincing testing protocols were developed.
Riccini's quality policy, undergoes comprehensive reviews by senior management at regular intervals to test its adequacy.
Riccini: where Quality is always written with a capital Q!

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