1. Pipes and fittings for sewer drainage systems

Piping systems, fittings and technical couplings in PP, PE and PVC for installations for the disposal of waste water; they can be coupled and interconnected between each other and with any other material.


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2. Pipes for water wells

Pipes made in non-toxic PP for the construction of water wells, for water and underground fluid uptake, for high temperature thermal waters; for environmental reclamation, pilot wells or observation wells, "down-hole" seismic tests.

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3. Pipes for drainage systems

Corrugated PE pipes for uptake, collection and elimination of water in the ground;
available in spools or in bars; also pre-coated with a synthetic filter (Drenofilter).


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4. Pipes and fittings for aqueducts and gas supply lines

Pipes for pressure water and/or combustible gas supply lines,available in spools
or bars for use in aqueducts, gas supply lines, fire-prevention systems, industrial applications, irrigation.

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5. Conduits

Flexible corrugated conduits in HDPE and rigid pipes in PVC for the passage and protection of cables in underground electrical and telecommunication installations.


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6. Inspection wells for hydraulic and/or electric use

Monolithic inspection wells for electrical or telecommunication systems
(branches, earthing) or for underground civil system installations or civil engineering underground installations (inspection wells, drainage connections).

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7. Sewage pipes in buildings

Orange or ivory-coloured pipes and fittings in PVC for drainage, protection or ventilation systems inside buildings, including the drainage of high or low temperature rain or domestic rain water.


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8. Telecommunication networks

Single pipes and triple pipes in HDPE for the electricity and telecommunications sectors; produced according to the technical specifications of the main telecommunication network providers.


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