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Riccini - TOP di Gamma
Simple Crown - Tubi e allacci per sistemi di scarico fognario


Construction sites of sewage infrastructure networks that require simple and fast connections to implement and "delicate" sites where the risk related to any poor tightness of the fittings is too high (areas characterised by important historical and architectural value, cultural heritage, etc).


Simple Crown is a technical coupling designed to allow RICCINI products to become a full-fledged, complete and organic, flexible and efficient, simple and reliable system for sewage and drainage networks. Entering into detail, the Simple Crown Technical Coupling is a universal fitting featuring a high hydraulic sealing, capable of responding to multiple design and construction requirements: ranging from the connection of new utilities to existing networks or those under construction to the connection to inspection wells, to the implementation of drainage gratings, inspection wells, to the interconnection of networks built with different materials (PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene), normalised on external or internal diameters or with mixed features. Like all RICCINI products, the Simple Crown Technical Coupling was designed with the very clear priority to achieve the greatest benefits in terms of technology, quality of materials used, performance and ease of use for end-users.

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