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Waste leachate collection; uptake and intake of biogas waste; implementation of control networks in dumps; sewage wastewater dispersion systems; drainage systems for sporting facilities and/or civil works; drainage systems to prevent deterioration of civil works; the implementation of vertical systems for the uptake and and withdrawal of deep artesian waterbeds; implementation of sub-horizontal drainage systems for uptake of waterbeds and surface waters.


The wide range of pipes produced by Riccini is further enhanced with the development of the slotted pipes sector. The latest generation machinery and equipment allow Riccini to provide slotted pipes to the market with triple-layer wall in high modulus PP (HMPP), with structured walls in HMPP or in high density PE (HDPE), with compact wall structure in HDPE or PVC. The availability of the patterns and types of the grooves and the diversified and micro-grooves, together with the possibility of customising feasible slots, provide timely, detailed and effective answers to the technical, hydraulic and mechanical design demands (as well as to demands related to peculiar situations). In perfect line with our corporate philosophy that has always put customer satisfaction as a priority: our job is to simplify your job!

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