Riccini Ecopozzo - TOP di Gamma
Riccini - TOP di Gamma
Ecopozzo - Tubi per pozzi


Construction of wells for drinking water, for the drawing of even very hot (90-95°C) thermal waters, environmental recovery works, wells for seismic tests.


In the field of materials technology, even small developments may be important, but when a product is capable of having its industry make a step ahead, it means we are facing something really big and important. It is the case of Ecopozzo which, with its full and varied range of products, with the superior quality of the raw materials used, with the added value of the RICCINI technological know-how, through the adoption of reference standards deriving from the most stringent testing methods, with its extreme simplicity of installation, with its complete non-toxicity and its excellent resistance to high temperatures, is capable of responding best to all the needs of those who work in the fields of drilling, pumping of hot thermal waters, reclamation and environmental recovery, down-hole type seismic testing, wells for cathodic protection systems and sub-horizontal drainage. Ecopozzo is made with compounds exclusively based on high modulus polypropylene (HMPP) and and is designed with triple-layer walls to ensure the best resistance to surface damage, shocks, mechanical stress and abrasions. Ecopozzo, available with smooth socket coupling junction or with semi-trapezoidal thread driven in the wall of the pipe, is the only pipe for wells in polypropylene on the Italian market.

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