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Kingcor - Tubi e allacci per sistemi di scarico fognario


Sewage systems even infrastructural ones, generally in situations and in works requiring an absolute guarantee of tightness of the joints, work sites where handling operations are difficult (thanks to its lightness, it can be easily moved)


Kingcor is a double-walled structured pipe (corrugated externally and internally smooth) with socket junction with pre-fitted elastomeric lip seal, manufactured with compounds completely made in high modulus polypropylene (HMPP); Kingcor combines the best features and advantages of two design concepts: the first focused at obtaining maximum sealing features, the second dedicated to maximum implementation of the pipe’s wall structure performances. The result is a product that ensures, thanks to the elastomeric seal junction, the best possible hydraulic sealing combined with the strength and lightness of the structured wall capable of offering absolutely excellent mechanical, structural and physical performances. Very easy in handling and installation and perfectly eco-compatible, Kingcor is normalised in the internal diameters (and hence it has advantages in terms of capacity) and is totally compatible with any type of piping, normalised in the inner and/or external diameters and any with any material (PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Concrete) thanks to a complete and versatile range of fittings and special pieces.

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