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Riccini - TOP di Gamma
Tripplo+ - Tubi e allacci per sistemi di scarico fognario


Creation of sewage networks, particularly suitable in situations where high mechanical strength for construction sites are needed and in work sites that require laying even at extreme temperatures ( -10° C).


Already starting from the name, you can immediately notice the features and benefits of this compound pipe made of high modulus polypropylene (HMPP) available to those who design and operate in the field of non-pressure underground sewage pipe networks. TriPPlo+ was designed to be a high performance pipe to be used even in the most difficult situations; those requiring the combination between mechanical and physical performance and the reliability of the product and of the system implemented with it. For this reason, you can define TriPPlo+ an extra strong pipe, a ''tough'' one capable of withstanding high mechanical stresses as well as laying conditions made difficult by extremely low temperatures (-10°C), without compromising perfect tightness, the high robustness, resistance to the aggression of external (temperature, weathering) or internal conditions (abrasion due to the flowing fluids). Triple layer, maximum guarantee, excellent performance. The junction with socket coupling includes a special ring gasket in rigid polypropylene that ensures, even during installation, the tight fit of the gasket inside its seat.

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