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RICCINI was founded in 1952 by Marzilio, Andrea and Mario to produce cement pipes for sewer drainage systems.
In the 50s and 60s, the company grew and was well-known for the reliability and technical abilities that even then represented a hallmark of the RICCINI name.
In 1970, the boost in the market led the company to make an important step in its development: it began manufacturing plastic pipes and fittings.
That boost has never run out and accompanied RICCINI to the present day with the wide range of products available and that are used in the most diverse sectors; a constant and regular commercial, technological and productive development that went from the first pipes in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) for the building industry to the introduction of the manufacturing of corrugated high density polyethylene (HDPE) for the passage of electric cables for telecommunications (CORRUGAR), which took place when the company completed its first 25 years of activity.
With the same trend, sales, the customer base and the number of employees have grown; a continuity that allowed allocating significant resources to research, development, the technological renovation of production facilities, firmly rooting our history in the future. In 1994, the important development in the field of corrugated pipes in HDPE led to the creation of a second production unit, not far from the historic establishment in Ponte Felcino (PG).
In 1997, the company certified its own Quality System with CSQ and IQNet according to the ISO 9001 standards, updating this compliance later according to the evolutions of the standard, reaching today's UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.
The same considerations applied to the CORRUGAR pipes led to the inauguration of a third factory in 2001, dedicated to the production of PE pipes to carry potable water and gas under pressure (POLIER, POLIER BD and POLIER GAS), in the industrial area of Ponte San Giovanni (PG).

The new Millennium brought new successes and new installation and logistic requirements: in 2003, the production of POLIER, POLIER BD and POLIER GAS was transferred to the establishment of 130,000 square meters, of which 9,000 covered, located in San Martino in Campo (PG).
Always in San Martino in Campo in 2006, the production of the innovative KINGCOR structured wall pipe in high modulus polypropylene (PPHM) for sewage drainage systems began, placing RICCINI at the forefront in Italy; during the 2008-2009 period, the production lines of CORRUGAR pipes were also transferred to the site together with the production lines of other top-range products such as ECOPOZZO, the pipe for non-toxic and environmentally friendly in wells HMPP, TriPPlo+, the high-strength pipe with triple-layered wall in HMPP for sewage systems, the versatile SIMPLE CROWN TECHNICAL COUPLER featuring high tightness performance and DRENOFILTER, the pre-coated corrugated pipe for drainage systems with synthetic filter, which are all now well known and appreciated by the market.
The process of merging the establishments ended with the transfer of administrative and commercial offices to the new site located in San Martino in Campo in October 2009.

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